So this past weekend was the mark of our 1 year anniversary. (we made it!) So to celebrate we did what anyone would do, go on an adventure (or two.) On Friday night we stayed in and we had a yummy yummy diner. Then on Friday we went to Hot Springs, AK. There we had ourselves a private bath draw for us. ooo la la. Very relaxing. We drove back to memphis that afternoon and got ready for our diner which was Ruth’s Chris. On Sunday we went to Oxford, MS. We brought our bikes and road around town. It was lovely. My only regret was that MS is lame and has this super old school law that alcohol can’t be sold on Sundays! wow, welcome to the south eh? Now the problem isn’t that there wasn’t any alcohol. The problem was that every  restaurant  in town was closed. So instead of staying there for diner we went home and got take out and watch The Intouchables. Which, by the way, if you have never seen this movie, get in your lil car and drive off to your local Redbox and get yourself this movie. It’s just wonderful. Anyway, it was such a great weekend with my man. I love it so much and I love him even more. ImageSpeaking of that Crazy man, he wanted me to put this picture of him up and tell you his “hilarious story.” So he it goes: We were riding are bikes around Oxford when we came across multiple “DO Not Enter” signs. As you already know, we are on bikes so obviously we aren’t going to follow those signs right? Well My Husband thinks it would be just so funny to catch a photo of him flipping the sign off while he rides past the sign. So with that, here is the photo. I hope you enjoyed the story. haha. ImageImageImage

Anyway I hope everyone had a good weekend like I did. Are you married or in a relationship of some kind? What did you do, or what are you doing to do to celebrate your anniversary?  


Before this Blog I used to have a blog over at Blogspot called Dear California. You see, California is my home and I just moved to Memphis about a year ago. I had that blog to let all my friends and family know how life was in this new city, with a new husband, and job, etc. As well as sharing DIY projects, Jewelry recipes and fashion, i also want this blog to be a diary of my live, my adventures, letters to my friends and family back home. I want to inform them and you what is going on in my life. So, here we go. 

What I am Listening to: Florence and The Machine. Specifically Shake it Out, This song is just so encouraging. “It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off!” Amen. 

What I am reading: ooo. :] I am currently reading 4/5 books! HOLY MOLY! haha. I probably shouldn’t be reading this many books at one time. But I can’t help it, I want to read everything! Anyway, I am reading The Horse and His Boy, the third book in the Chronicles of Narnia. This book is very adventurous. I am reading Be Still, My Soul. This book is a series of essays about why suffering happens to us. It is wonderful and has so many amazing things to think about. I highly recommend it for any one is is having some tough stuff going on in their lives and is having hard time trusting G-d. I am also reading Colossians and Mark from the BIBLE. And last but not least, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This book is really hard for me to read. The dialogue is hard to understand and the there are a lot of characters to follow. But it is a story of slavery and our history. I am eager to read on and discover more about the live of slaves and slave owners. 

What I am looking forward to: My anniversary! Friday April 5th. :] I can’t believe we have been married a year! the best damn year of my life! ha! 

What I am thinking about: I am thinking about what G-d has in store for John and I in the next couple of years. I really am excited about getting to know Him more and to learn from him. I can’t wait to see what is up next for us. 

What am I eating: Chocolate chips, a cheap and yummy treat. Isn’t chocolate just wonderful. 


Well that’s all folks, time for bed. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a fabulous Weekend. i know I will. ;] 





My first experiment with dying. I wanted the straps to be pitch black, so I dyed them for hours. But I guess that type of material doesn’t soak up dye very well. But I am still very happy with the results. This is my new Spring bag. haha. Yes, I am aware that it is black, but it will look awesome with all my spring clothes. (floral prints, bright patterns and pastels) Can’t wait to show it off around town. ;] Anyway, Happy hump day! goodnight. 




I made this a while ago but I wear is so much I thought I should share with you all anyway. I it a cuff for you wrist. ;] It is made of Ancient Bronze and it has a hammered textured look. I really like the idea of making my pieces look like artifacts found in the ground. On another note, I have pink eye. Which means I have been stuck at home working on cleaning my house, returning emails, and working on the prototype for the first DIY PARTY. I can’t wait to share more about that soon. But for now I am off to finish doing the dishes and then i’m off to the bloody doctors. Oh joy. ha. Well Happy Tuesday Everybody!