How old are you? 22 years old!

What do you like doing in your free time, besides DIY projects? I love going thrift store shopping! I also enjoy swimming and playing soccer, watching movies, cooking and baking. But my top three things in life are sleeping, snuggling and, of course, eating.

How did you and your husband meet? It’s a long story for another time, but it’s terribly romantic ūüėČ

Why did you move to Memphis? A new adventure,¬† a fresh start, we had previously visited and loved the city, we thought I would finish school here… ¬†Memphis is very affordable. But John’s oldest sister lives here also, so that helped.

Who inspires you? My friends are the biggest part of what inspires me, but also, I love all things from the past, the people on the streets and of course the online world; blogs. My favorites are ABeautifulMess, Cakies, Delightfully Tacky, and Bleubird Vintage.


Favorite color? Different types of yellow.

What is a DIY party? Handmade Memphis DIY parties involve getting women together to create something by hand for your home, yourself, or your loved ones. I host them at a studio here in Memphis, or you can host your own at your house! Enjoy tasty treats and drinks, listen to some groovy music, and meet new friends over a fun Do It Yourself craft! For more information visit my DIY party page.

How can I contact you? Please email me at


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