Handmade Memphis is a Lifestyle blog focusing on creativity and sharing love for all things handmade. I believe that when you work hard to build something from scratch (i.e. a batch of cookies, hand dyed tea towels, handmade body scrub) your love for these things grows. I’ve created this blog in search of the ultimate DIY lifestyle.

On Handmade Memphis you’ll find daily inspiration on crafts for your home, yourself, and for your loved ones, as well as recipes, personal style shots, and so much more.

I recently moved to Memphis, TN with my husband John. He’s from Northern Ireland and currently works in E-commerce at the local drum shop. He also drums and plays soccer a lot. He loves to write, draw, watch movies, listen to music, learn spanish, and make jokes. He’s a laugh.

I hale from Los Angeles and am currently I’m a part time preschool teacher, part time explorer of arts, crafts and community. One of my many dreams in life is to be a Jewelry Designer. I also make handmade projects for YOUR enjoyment and host DIY PARTIES out of my friend’s studio or, perhaps, your home.

Making things from scratch is my passion and I want to teach women to find their own in creating things by hand.


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