My First DIY Party.


Finally! I am able to share with you all about my first DIY Party. It was so great to be apart of something like this. I loved being able to share something that I have created with the women of Memphis. I loved seeing them at work creating their little wreaths! The Party itself was pretty small, but for my first one I am very thankful for it. I hope that for the next one, the ladies that attended the first one will invite more friends to the next. The second photo down was the winner of the raffle I had. She won that wonderfully handmade necklace. I made it with three glass beads and a hand made mini felt flower. And those wee bows were their party favors. Super cute if I may say so myself. Throwing my first party was very overwhelming and nerve wracking but once it started i was super excited to see all of the creativity in the room. I was so filled with glee by the end. I love sharing my creativity with others, it is wonderful. :] Anyway, I am now in the planning stage for the next DIY party. It looks like it might be toward the end of June. I can’t wait. I love being able to share creativity. Speaking of sharing, I am looking forward to sharing my first DIY tutorial here on the blog! Now the DIY Party is over I will be sharing how to make the wreath for everyone who missed the party! Keep a look out for that coming soon! I hope everyone is having a great weekend, do you do anything creative this weekend?

(Thanks to Amanda over at AM Photography for hosting and taking all these wonderful photos! She is lovely.)

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  1. Mary Godfrey said:

    I threw my sister a tea party. It was very nice and creative it was. But that was my sister. She made amazing decorations for the centerpieces. You must’ve gotten your creativity from your Aunt Melanie!!

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