sneak peak of the first DIY. (and update on life.)



Here is a sneak peak of the First ever DIY Party! Hosted by AM Photography.( Also, Amanda Hill from AMP photographed the event, Thanks Amanda!) I can’t wait to share with you in more detail on how it all went! Let’s just say it was super fun, ladies night, and I can’t wait for the next one. (details to come soon!) Anyway, I wish that I could show you all the photo and talk to you about the party in more detail but I am very busy over hear. My best friend has been in town so I have been avoiding all work. But I pinky promise you that you will hear from me this weekend. Girl Scouts honor. I’m not a Girl Scout so that doesn’t really weigh much value, but I do really promise. ;] Anyway. I hope everyone is having a good week. I know I am. Tomorrow is my best friend’s last day here. Cue tears. But it has been super awesome. I can’t wait to share about here trip either! I think you might be getting two posts this weekend! which is well deserved since I have been neglecting this Lovely place. Sorry. Well off to bed. Good night friends. 


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