What I made: Cuff.




I made this a while ago but I wear is so much I thought I should share with you all anyway. I it a cuff for you wrist. ;] It is made of Ancient Bronze and it has a hammered textured look. I really like the idea of making my pieces look like artifacts found in the ground. On another note, I have pink eye. Which means I have been stuck at home working on cleaning my house, returning emails, and working on the prototype for the first DIY PARTY. I can’t wait to share more about that soon. But for now I am off to finish doing the dishes and then i’m off to the bloody doctors. Oh joy. ha. Well Happy Tuesday Everybody! 

  1. This is lovely! Looks like it was hard to make. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  2. It was pretty simple to make, just to hours of hammering. :] stay tuned, more to come!

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