Friday Favorites: St. Patrick’s day.


Happy Friday everyone! This is my very first Friday Favorites series, welcome. As you all know (or at least I hope you all know) this weekend is St. Patricks Day! YAY! So in honor of St. Paddy himself, this week’s theme is green….. To start, here we have an awesome St. Paddy’s themed print. You can find this lovely print over at eight25. Go check it out!


Next we have cupcakes!!!!!!!!! (Yes, there is a need for that many exclamation points.) Who doesn’t love cupcakes? These are a fun twist to the good ol’ fashioned Red Velvet cupcakes. Picky Palate baked these festive little guys. yummy.


Tick tock tick tock. Ha. Anyway, isn’t this clock sweet! I just love the burst of color. This would look awesome in my white room. I found this clock on an etsy shop called Hallder Vintage. They have so many great clocks. Go grab a Hallder Vintage’s clock and you’ll be telling time in style!

Beautiful. I love the all white room with this pop of Forest green. If I were a gnome, this would be my bathroom (Oh how I wish to be a gnome). I found this green room on the one and only Pinterest. Don’t you just love Pinterest?
And last but certainly not least, this mint chip dress is to die for. Perfect for a date to the local ice cream shop. Modcloth is the provider of this gorgeous dress. I want it.
Well that’s a rap! I hope you enjoyed the first of many Friday Favorites! I also hope that you have a wonderful weekend! Do you have any plans for St. Patrick’s day?

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