I had another party! And let me tell you, they just keep getting better and better! My sister-n-law hosted this one. We made the cutest Celebration boards. the best part about hosting these parties is getting to see women’s creativity go wild. These boards came out so professional and so unique! I can’t wait to do another one! Want to host? Email me! handmade901 [at] Here are so photos from this awesome event! enjoy! 




We had so much fun! Here are the finished products! These ladies rocked this craft! :] 









I am so lucky to be able to do this! I love being creative and crafty. Have you made anything recently? Hosted any parties? 



Finally! I am able to share with you all about my first DIY Party. It was so great to be apart of something like this. I loved being able to share something that I have created with the women of Memphis. I loved seeing them at work creating their little wreaths! The Party itself was pretty small, but for my first one I am very thankful for it. I hope that for the next one, the ladies that attended the first one will invite more friends to the next. The second photo down was the winner of the raffle I had. She won that wonderfully handmade necklace. I made it with three glass beads and a hand made mini felt flower. And those wee bows were their party favors. Super cute if I may say so myself. Throwing my first party was very overwhelming and nerve wracking but once it started i was super excited to see all of the creativity in the room. I was so filled with glee by the end. I love sharing my creativity with others, it is wonderful. :] Anyway, I am now in the planning stage for the next DIY party. It looks like it might be toward the end of June. I can’t wait. I love being able to share creativity. Speaking of sharing, I am looking forward to sharing my first DIY tutorial here on the blog! Now the DIY Party is over I will be sharing how to make the wreath for everyone who missed the party! Keep a look out for that coming soon! I hope everyone is having a great weekend, do you do anything creative this weekend?

(Thanks to Amanda over at AM Photography for hosting and taking all these wonderful photos! She is lovely.)



Here is a sneak peak of the First ever DIY Party! Hosted by AM Photography.( Also, Amanda Hill from AMP photographed the event, Thanks Amanda!) I can’t wait to share with you in more detail on how it all went! Let’s just say it was super fun, ladies night, and I can’t wait for the next one. (details to come soon!) Anyway, I wish that I could show you all the photo and talk to you about the party in more detail but I am very busy over hear. My best friend has been in town so I have been avoiding all work. But I pinky promise you that you will hear from me this weekend. Girl Scouts honor. I’m not a Girl Scout so that doesn’t really weigh much value, but I do really promise. ;] Anyway. I hope everyone is having a good week. I know I am. Tomorrow is my best friend’s last day here. Cue tears. But it has been super awesome. I can’t wait to share about here trip either! I think you might be getting two posts this weekend! which is well deserved since I have been neglecting this Lovely place. Sorry. Well off to bed. Good night friends. 



Lots of things happening in my a little head over here. Can’t wait to share with you soon. But for now, just want to let everyone know that I do still exist. Working hard, keeping busy. Photos to come of last weekend’s DIY Party. Can’t wait to share how that went. Hope everyone is having a good week! My best friend is coming to town. can’t wait for that. Anyway, off to clean the kitchen. goodnight. 



10 things I love about my mom: 

1. I love how hard she works. My mom was a single mama who was a teacher by day and a mom by night. She worked so hard to make she we had everything we needed and more! 

2. I love how silly she is! She is just so weird! :] When ever I skype with her I always catch making the strangest faces. ha. 

3. I love how she asks a lot of questions. When ever I am going through something she always asks the questions that I didn’t think of. She looks at everything from every angel. 

4. I love her hugs. I wish I could hug her right now. 

5. I love seeing her in teacher mode. Seeing her in teacher mode is great. She loves the kids so much. It’s like watching a pianist play the piano. Teacher is her piano. 

6. I love how truthful she is. She always tells me the truth even when it would hurt my feelings, or even if it would hurt her feelings. 

7. I love that she is from Texas. Need I say more? 

8. I love how she prays. My mom loves the Lord, and I can really see it when ever she prays. She prays about everything and everyone. I mean everyone. It’s so beautiful. She has this deal with G-d that if she can’t get to sleep then that means G-d wants her to spend time with Him. I love that. 

9. I love that she is so proud of her children. She is proud of every tiny thing we do, She’s my biggest cheerleader. I wouldn’t be able to do some of the things I do without her cheering for me. 

10. I love her because she loves me. I can’t even express how much she loves me. Sometimes I don’t even understand it. It’s crazy. I’m sure if your a mom you understand. But it’s quite a crazy love. 


Happy Mother’s Day mom. I love you so much. I am so thankful to have you in my life. To the best mom in the world! And to all the other mom’s out there. I hope your day is filled with love! You all deserve it. 



This post is a little late since my dad came and went about a week ago but life has just been super busy around here. Better late than never right? So here we go:

My dad came to visit! I ams o glad he did. It was such a wonderful time. We went to all sorts of places like the zoo (here is a picture of me feeding the giraffe with my mouth, it was awesome), Beale St, the Peobody, and the farmers market. We also just spent some down time bounding over new games, and youtube videos. I am so blessed to have the dad that have. He is great! 

Ok on another note how was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great. Our friends moved into our apartments this weekend and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to get to know them more and get to hang out all the time. :] Also, we got to spend a lot of time with our family here which was really nice. I love my sister-in-law. I wouldn’t have been able to survive here in Memphis with out her. And today was great, woke up late, worked out, made some crafty things (which I will show here soon), went to church, and then had a wonderful time having diner with our pastor and his wife. They are so encouraging and inspiring. Anyway now I am off to go to sleep. Don’t forget to check out the invite for our 1st DIY PARTY. Hope everyone had a great weekend! and I hope to see you all at the DIY PARTY! 



Come be apart of this amazing event! I can’t wait I have been planning with my friend Amanda over at AM Photography for some time now! I can’t to see it all come together and I would love to see you there! Check out my DIYParties page, or head over to the Handmade Memphis FB page for more details! YAY!